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Tool to Get more Qualified meetings.

The LinkedIn automation tool is built to assist your sales team in enhancing their LinkedIn prospecting efforts and securing more deals, operating entirely automatically.
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"I've used every single tool under the sun you name, I've tried it, I've tested it, and I've put it through the wringer and the reality is that nothing is safer and nothing is more effective than Sendout"
Rokibul Hasan
Founder & CEO Prospect Engine, Excelengine

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a LinkedIn premium subscription to use sendout?

With sendout , you can begin contacting potential leads on LinkedIn without needing a premium LinkedIn subscription. sendout offers built-in searching and scraping features that enable you to gather data from standard LinkedIn searches, scrape LinkedIn group members, attendees of LinkedIn events, or individuals who interacted with popular LinkedIn posts. Additionally, you can import a pre-prepared CSV file for further convenience. However, if your goal is to locate ideal prospects using Sales Navigator or Recruiter search, having an active LinkedIn premium subscription would be beneficial.

Can I use sendout for my clients as an agency?

Yes, SendOut is tailored for agencies that conduct cold outreach campaigns on behalf of their clients. With SendOut, you can efficiently oversee and automate your clients' LinkedIn messaging and connection outreach through a single dashboard. Additionally, you have the flexibility to manage roles and permissions for both your team members and clients.

Do I need to download anything in order to use sendout ?

No, there's no need for downloads! Sendout operates as a cloud-based solution, not as a Chrome extension, which means everything functions without requiring any downloads.

Can I continue with a free trial?

Certainly, upon signing up through this link, you'll receive access to a 7-day trial period at no cost. Billing will commence only after the completion of these 7 days.

What does automation on LinkedIn entail?

The SendOut is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that enables you to establish outreach campaigns. This allows you to perform actions on LinkedIn automatically, essentially putting your LinkedIn activities on autopilot.

People like you use Sendout to generate leads and grow faster

I've been thoroughly impressed with the software's ability to personalize and automate sequences for Linkedin prospecting. The possibility of sending automated LinkedIn event invitations to targeted audiences has streamlined our attendance and engagement rates which is obviously great. Sendout is a nice tool for its price for outreach efforts because of the many features they offer, relatively easy

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